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Citri-Glow® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

32 oz / Liquid

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Citri-Glow - Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This natural, concentrated cleaner cuts through tough grease and dirt without toxic chemicals. Its gentle, all-purpose formula is a safe and natural solution for your household cleaning needs.

It’s tough, but gentle—for a natural clean that doesn’t leave fumes or harsh chemicals behind.

Citri Glow® Multi-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for cars, carpets, laundry, dishes, counters, floors, vinyl, scuff marks, tile, fiberglass, white wall, wheels, engines, driveways, boat decks and sails, bicycles, lawn mowers, garden equipment, patio furniture, pet cages, sporting equipment and more.

The cleaning agents in our Multi-Purpose Cleaner are biodegradable emulsifiers derived from renewable vegetable fibers and coconuts. Real Citrus oil leaves your surfaces with a faint scent of fresh orange and tangerine.

32 oz. / 1 quart / .95 liter