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Aromatherapy: Refresh the air you breathe, naturally.

Air Therapy Mists are citrus-oil-based, which means they're great for cleansing the air. And the super-concentration of natural citrus and essential oils delivers aromatherapy benefits as well:


Orange is one of the more popular aromatherapy oils scents, and for good reason. Orange essential oil is pressed from the rinds of citrus peels, and its scent is cheerful and uplifiting. Orange and other citrus oils are great for helping improve the smell of stale or smoky rooms.


Essential oil of lime is prized in aromatherapy for cleansing, purifying and renewing the spirit. The scent of Air Therapy Lime is a delicate balance of natural lime and orange oils. It's energizing and uplifting, sweet yet tart.


Lavender oil is one of the most popular aromatherapy scents, with a long history of being used for relaxation, fighting stress and promoting restful slumber. Our Air Therapy Lavender balances the earthy, floral notes of lavender with the refreshing scent of citrus.


The warm, sweet and familiar scent of vanilla has many uses in aromatherapy. It's comforting, which helps promote a sense of calm and well-being. It's also commonly used as an aphrodesiac. Air Therapy Vanilla balances the scent of citrus with the cheerfulness of sweet orange.

Silver Spruce and Fir

In aromatherapy, essential oils of fir and spruce have a long history of use as an uplifting fragrance used in northern European winters to help overcome the winter blues. These oils are distilled from the needles and twigs of fir and spruce trees, and have a rejuvenating scent, sweet and woody. We combine Spruce and Fir oils with orange oil, to create a scent that's calming, clarifying and uplifting. Perfect for lifting winter-time spirits.


In aromatherapy, spearmint essential oil is often preferred over peppermint oil, because its scent is a bit more delicate: sweet, minty with a bit of earthy spiciness to it. We combine spearmint with orange oil in our Air Therapy Spearmint, and the result is a scent that's great for refreshing the mind when one is feeling stressed or tired.

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of aromatherapy is the delicate balancing of scents. For our Air Therapy Air Freshening Mists, we look for essential oils that build upon our natural citrus-oil base, that join with the scent of oranges in fresh, delicious and compelling ways. Let Air Therapy transform your personal space and breathe easier, knowing its without heavy chemicals or aerosol propellants.