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Air Therapy Air Freshening Mist Vanilla

4.6 oz / Spray

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Air Therapy Vanilla Air Freshening Mist is a concentrated liquid derived from a perfect blend of essential oils distilled from citrus peels and vanilla pods.

Air Therapy Vibrant Vanilla Air Freshening Mist balances the comforting scent of vanilla with the cheerfulness of citrus.

Air Therapy Mists are citrus-oil-based, which means they’re great for cleansing the air. And the super-concentration of citrus and essential oils in Air Therapy Mists delivers aromatherapy benefits, as well. The scent of orange is cheerful and uplifting. The warm, sweet, familiar scent of vanilla is comforting, promoting a sense of calm and well-being. Let Air Therapy transform the air around you, and breathe easier knowing it’s without aerosol propellants or harsh chemicals.

Air Therapy® Air Freshening Mist - Vanilla

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