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Therapy, for the air you breathe™.

At Mia Rose, we believe in the power of scent to revitalize the spirit and transform your personal space. And we believe in using high-quality, natural ingredients to create products that smell great, are wholesome and effective.  

Original Orange

In 1981, Mia Rose Products, Inc., formulated a new kind of air freshening mist—one that was made from natural citrus oil, without the potentially harmful heavy chemical ingredients and aerosol propellants common in other air fresheners.  Our Air Therapy® Original Orange was one of the first citrus-oil-based air freshening mists on the market.

From there, we quickly branched out, adding more scents.  Air Therapy® mists are made with 100% pure citrus and essential oils, distilled from citrus peels, lavender flowers, vanilla pods, fir needles, spruce twigs and spearmint leaves. 


The super-concentration of these oils makes Air Therapy® Air Freshening Mists great for freshening the air around you. And the essential oils offer valuable aromatherapy benefits as well.

Orange oil is cheerful and uplifting

Lime oil is energizing

Vanilla oil is comforting

Lavender oil is soothing and relaxing

Silver Spruce and fir oils are clarifying and revitalizing

Spearmint oil is stimulating

We’re pleased to offer these exceptional air freshening mists, formulated with the health of the environment, as well as the health of your family, in mind. 

Safe, effective cleansers

In addition to Air Therapy mists, Mia Rose® Products also offers a line of household cleaners. 
Citri-Glow® Multi-Purpose Cleaner is safe and strong, formulated with vegetable-based cleansing ingredients. Concentrated 60:1, this cleaner can be used full strength or diluted as needed to clean cars, carpets, laundry and more.
Citri-Glow® Multi-Surface Cleaner leaves glass, mirrors, windows, fixtures, counters, plastics and chrome dirt-and-streak-free. This cleaner is free of fragrances, harsh solvents or ammonia. It is also biodegradable.  

Mia Rose products are never tested on animals.